Logo and labels for honey jars “Miody Nagórki”

I was asked to design logo and labels for honey jars. Client wanted them to be pretty enough to be given as a gift.

I wanted to show that it is a small family company (a marriage with one hundred beehives) so I have used watercolour paints, scanned them and processed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Watercolour paint makes it look handcrafted, liquid (like honey) and tasty.

Yellow colour resembles honey, while black- stripes of the bee. Hexagon was inspired by the shape of the honeycomb.

Client produces several types of honey, so I have designed labels for every type. Name of the type is written on the form resembling hexagon (shape of the honeycomb), I have associated different colour to the every type so that it can be easily recognized.

Labels are quite small (5×10 cm), so I have used legible geometric font for text in small sizes. What is more, geometric elements contrast nicely with watercolour paint and make it look much more fresh and modern.



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