Tea packaging and illustration

I have designed a series of premium tea packaging. The colours and illustrations refer to the fauna and flora of the region they come from, i.e. Ceylon from Sri Lanka, Longjing – China, Darjeeling – India.
I have used brush pen lettering.
I have drawn the illustrations in Adobe Photoshop.
I have used the ebru (marbling) technique to create decorative elements. I have obtained various effects using ebru brushes and needles.

Ceylon is from Sri Lanka, which is known for sea turtles, elephants, leopards, palm trees and hibiscus flowers. Vivid colours represent exotic nature of the island, red colour and fresh taste of this type of tea.
Longjing has delicate sweet flavour and green colour, so I have used calm colours and made the interior of packaging green.
Its name comes from the movement of a Chinese dragon, that’s why the letters are shifted from the baseline.
Darjeeling is windy, foggy and mountainous region in India. Marbling resembles clouds and texture of the stone, while the shape of letters imitates wind. I have used pale colours because of tea’s light and silky flavour.
I have created marbling (ebru) with brushes and needles.
Example of marbling I have created
I have designed dieline in Adobe Illustrator
Brush pen sketches

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